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MarSat: How satellite data can optimize marine traffic

In the latest edition of Schiff & Hafen, Dr. Knut Hartmann, Director Client Services at EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG, introduces MarSat, a network of data suppliers, users and academia, and discusses the value of Earth Observation data and the challenges of satellite-borne methods for the maritime community. EOMAP is project partner and coordinates the …


Expert Workshop on Utilization of Earth Observation for the Maritime Industry

MARSAT network of data suppliers, users and academia on the value of environmental data and the challenges for satellite-borne methods for the maritime industry Data from Earth Observation satellites offer a unique view of our oceans, seas, and coasts. Satellites, and their on-board sensors, provide routine, cost effective, wide area surveillance over all maritime zones. …


EOMAP at the Hydropower & Dams 2017 Conference

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at this years’ Hydropower & Dams 2017 Conference: Delegats will discuss on all topical issues relating to hydropower with emphasis on international collaboration i.e. working together in project planning and implementation to shape the future of world hydropower development. EOMAP has a strong expertise …


Mekong Delta: Monitoring sedimentation from space

The Mekong River is a vital lifeline for millions of people in half a dozen countries. It provides one of the world’s most productive inland fisheries, and 71% of rural Laotian households rely on subsistence fishing on the Mekong. Over one million Cambodians are almost entirely dependent on Tonle Sap Lake, Southeast-Asia’s largest freshwater lake that …


EOMAP wins Copernicus Masters 2013 challenge

EOMAP wins Copernicus Masters 2013 challenge EOMAP wins this years Copernicus Masters cloud computing challenge with the idea of “Operational Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Service – Rapid, spatial, validated”. “EOMAP provides an innovative way to ascertain underwater depth in coastal waters as a service for industry and the public sector. It can be made available on-demand anywhere …