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Water Business Development Mission

EOMAP part of the German Water Business Delegation to Saudi Arabia Mission focused on Water and Wastewater management   Riyadh, 13 November 2017 EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG, world leader in optical remote sensing in the aquatic sector, was part of a five-day business delegation trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to meet water treatment and …


Understanding Earth Observation

“Monitoring the status of our freshwater lakes and rivers has never been more important. Regular observation is essential to determine their health, quickly identify trends and acknowledge signs of degradation particularly for areas in scarce supply.” The 1968 Earthrise photograph, a photograph of the Earth and parts of the Moon‘s surface taken by astronaut Bill …


Mapping the Ocean Floor from Space

Bathymetry Service Platform Provides Innovative Service Large areas of our seas and oceans are inadequately surveyed. With the rise of the Blue Economy there is an increasing demand for data, yet there are not the resources to produce it cost effectively using traditional hydrographic survey methods. Earth Observation (EO) data is an innovative, rapid and …


EOMAP at the Hydropower & Dams 2017 Conference

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at this years’ Hydropower & Dams 2017 Conference: Delegats will discuss on all topical issues relating to hydropower with emphasis on international collaboration i.e. working together in project planning and implementation to shape the future of world hydropower development. EOMAP has a strong expertise …


EOMAP Enters Into Teaming Agreement With Fugro

Fugro and EOMAP cooperate to provide integrated bathymetric surveys Munich, August 11th — EOMAP announced today that it has entered into a teaming agreement with Fugro, a premier provider of high resolution hydrographic and geophysical marine survey products and services. The agreement will enable Fugro and EOMAP to create integrated bathymetric survey products that will …


EOMAP moved to Castle Seefeld

EOMAP Corporate Office moved to Castle Seefeld Seefeld/Germany In April 2014, EOMAP moved it’s Corporate Office to Castle Seefeld near Munich. We look forward to welcoming our partners and clients to this beautiful area located in the lake country west of Munich. The new address is: EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG Schloss Seefeld Schlosshof 4 …


Hydro Journal Article published

Article about “Space-borne Technologies for the O&G Sector” was published in Hydro Journal An EOMAP article about “Space-borne Technologies for the O&G Sector” was published in the current August/September issue of the Hydro Journal. Satellite-derived mapping and monitoring technologies can provide important support for a range of applications in the oil and gas industry. Prior …


Announcement of EOMAP Asia Pacific

EOMAP launches its regional headquarters for EOMAP Asia Pacific in Singapore On June 27, 2013, EOMAP achieved a new milestone by launching its regional headquarters for Asia-Pacific in Singapore. The office, located at 16, Collyer Quay will increase its marketing and support activities in the region, and underlies its commitment to this diverse and important …