Meso American – Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission 2017


Event Date: 27. November 2017 to 3. December 2017

Meet us at the MACHC in Varadero, Cuba!

After participating the MACHC meetings from 2013-2016, EOMAP has been invited again for the 2017 meeting to speak about satellite-derived bathymetry and capacity building strategies.

Brief history of Meso American – Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission (MACHC):

The MACHC was originally established as the Caribbean Sea-Gulf of Mexico Hydrographic Commission (CGMHC) in Havana, Cuba, on 25-27 May 1994 on the occasion of its first meeting at the initiative of Cuba, The Netherlands, United States of America, Guyana and Mexico. Its first Chairman was Captain Juan Fung Riverón, President of the Cuban Hydrographic Institute. The first meeting concentrated on Training, Electronic Charts and INT Charts in the Caribbean Region. The original Commission expanded in 2002 to include the Pacific waters of Mexico, the Central American Members and Colombia and was renamed as MACHC. In 2005 the Commission further expanded to include the Western Atlantic waters and Brazil became a member.