Company Profile

EOMAP is the leading global service provider of satellite-derived aquatic information in maritime and inland waters for the commercial offshore industry as well as a multitude of government agencies. Pioneering the field of satellite-derived bathymetry and high resolution water quality monitoring, EOMAP services rely on standardized physical models which are independent of scale, sensor type and geographic location. Additional key services include seafloor, coastal environment and infrastructure mapping.

EOMAP’s technology can be applied at local through to intercontinental scales, with the option of providing continuous and long term environmental information by harnessing multiple satellite resources.

EOMAP was founded in 2006 as a spin-off  of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and is headquartered in Castle Seefeld, just outside of Munich.










Our expertise is based on four pillars:

At the core of EOMAP’s technology are the state-of-the-art physics-based algorithms for extracting quantitative environmental information from the aquatic remote sensing signal. These algorithms

  • allow for coupled atmospheric and in-water parameter retrievals, which includes a correction of the (terrestrial) adjacency effect, critical for the accurate remote sensing of any coastal or inland water body,
  • contain a physically accurate implementation of the bi-directional effect inside the water column, at the water surface and in the atmosphere,
  • take into account the full range of reflecting, absorbing and scattering properties of the water body and the interfaces.

Uncertainties in earth observation products are subject to a number of environmental factors that need to be accounted for. Mechanisms for quantifying uncertainties and flagging relative reliabilities within our product suites are embedded in our algorithms.

With regards to aquatic earth observation monitoring and mapping services, no other service provider offers the full compilation of sensor-independent, automated and harmonized algorithms and processors that EOMAP does.

EOMAP’s sensor-independent production chains deliver standardised, qualitatively and quantitatively inter-comparable products for the full range of temporal and spatial resolutions. As a matter of course, our products come with OGC and Inspire conform metadata and in a number of standard formats for the easiest integration into our clients’ data environments.

Time saving and cost effective production infrastructures

Our fully operational water quality monitoring processors are installed in a range of satellite ground segments worldwide (Europe, Australia, Asia, America) to ensure fast and efficient access to a wide range of recent and future satellite sensors such as Sentinel 1/2/3. Furthermore, our processors and facilities are installed in large cloud infrastructures, as well as in our modern offices and data hubs in Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and India. Our orchestration software, the EOMAP Workflow System (EWS), ensures continuous 24/7 production every day of the year.

Our technologies are based on 30 years of research and development with an experienced, multidisciplinary team consisting of physicists, mathematicians, geo-information scientists, geographers, and geo-ecologists. We have been delivering professional services in our field to a number of industrial and governmental entities globally since 2006. Today, we are the world’s most experienced and largest commercial provider of high-resolution shallow water bathymetry, water quality and sea floor mapping services using earth orbiting satellites.

We provide experienced support to our clients, and in particular we strive to offer efficient and user-friendly access to our outputs and services through a range of delivery mechanisms, such as our eoApp® web application for visualising water quality data.

Our clients benefit from:

  • user-friendly, client-defined access and product integration mechanisms
  • state-of-the-art earth observation information products,
  • a clear understanding of service capabilities, product definition and uncertainties.


The mapping of coastal and marine habitats and bathymetry data generated by EOMAP will assist in preserving Abu Dhabi’s fragile coastal ecosystem.

Anil Kumar (Director Environmental Information Management EAD)

For this location coverage we estimated to have made a cost saving of approximately one million dollar compared to a traditionally executed bathymetry and/or topographic survey.

J. Siermann (Qatar Shell GTL)

The services and products delivered for the Mexican Maya coast are exceptional and fundamental in developing our seafloor habitat baseline.

Dr. Rainer Ressel (Director Geomatics Department of CONABIO/Mexico)

EOMAP’s rigorous modelling provides more accurate and better estimates of visibility/turbidity/chlorophyll and water depth than standard processing algorithms.

Dr. Matthew Adams (Landgate)

This information is regarded as essential for any government or company involved with managing the reef environment.

Prof. Stuart Phinn (University of Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef Bathymetry)

We have been using EOMAP for the past three years for our Lake Elsinore Nutrient Management project to provide us with satellite imagery data.

John Rudolph (Amec Foster Wheeler)