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Water Quality from the Space:
Mesmerizing images of Earth Observation

The exhibition “Water Quality from the Space: Mesmerizing images of Earth Observation” aims to raise awareness on global water quality challenges as well as on the importance of environmental monitoring to policy and decision makers, water managers and the general public.

Water quality is one of the main challenges that societies will face during the 21st century, threatening human health, limiting food production, reducing ecosystem functions, and hindering economic growth.

Water quality degradation translates directly into environmental, social and economic problems. The availability of the world’s scarce water resources is increasingly limited due to the worsening pollution of freshwater resources. Furthermore, newly emerging pollutants and changing climate patterns represent a new water quality challenge, with still unknown long-term impacts on human health and ecosystems.

The increasing relevance to understand climate and other man-made changes require comparable local and global knowledge on water quality in inland waters.

In view of the importance improving water quality globally in order to achieve the SDGs, UNESCO-IHP’s International Initiative on Water Quality (IIWQ) supports Member States in responding to water quality challenges by strengthening the knowledge base and building capacity, especially in developing countries, to support national efforts for the implementation of water quality related SDG targets as well as for monitoring progress towards their realization. For this purpose, the IIWQ promotes innovative approaches to water quality manage ment and monitoring, develops tools to facilitate science-based and informed decision-making on water quality, and enhances human and institutional capacity in developing countries.

The exhibition is organized by the UNESCO-IHP International Initiative on Water Quality, in partnership with EOMAP (Germany), who has contributed to the development of the portal. The exhibition features a collection of selected Earth Observation images, demonstrating the state of water quality in inland water resources. Using satellite images provided by the portal, the exhibition stresses the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems and helps improve the understanding on the use of Earth Observation data in the framework of global water assessment and its actual capabilities.

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