Coral Sea

Coral Sea

EOMAP has supplied Shallow water bathymetry up to 45m depth to the James Cook University (JCU), Australia. The data provided detailed 3D depth maps of Australia’s Coral Sea reefs, shedding new light on the likely distribution of coral diversity and sea life in the area. Dr Robin Beaman, from JCU’s College of Science, Technology and Engineering, stated:¬†“Mapping the reefs and their underwater landscape had always been a challenge, because their remote locations and shallow nature made it difficult to use modern surveying techniques, such as vessel-mounted echo sounders. These reefs lie in clear, sunlit waters, so the Landsat8 images were able to provide high-resolution data to a depth of about 50 metres.” Dr Beaman hopes the maps will be a valuable resource in the ongoing discussion as to what levels of protection should be given to different areas of the Coral Sea Marine Reserve.
More broadly, oceanographers could use the 3D data to more accurately model how oceanic currents move over and past these reefs before reaching the Great Barrier Reef.

Project Type: Bathymetry mapping
Client: James Cook University
Release Date: 2015
Keywords: Bathymetry, Coral Sea, Australia

See the press release of James Cook University.