IOC Image Services

Image Services for the Central Indian Ocean Commission (IOC)

The Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) intended to create baseline data for seafloor, mangrove classification and a wide range of coastal environment monitoring aspects. In spring 2014 EOMAP was contracted by ICO to provide baseline data for this purpose. EOMAP delivered subsurface and atmospheric corrected product (SSR) for 2.1 Mil km² of the Western Indian Ocean and provided satellite derived bathymetry products for the Moheli and Rodrigues Islands. By providing 207 satellite scenes, which have been reduced by the negative impacts of the effects of the atmosphere and the water surface within less than 3 weeks, the CIO could benefit from EOMAP’s operational processing chains, which provide harmonized and sensor independent solutions.

Project Type: Image provision, seafloor and bathymetry mapping
Client: Central Indian Ocean Commission (IOC)
Release Date: 2014
Keywords: Imagery, Bathymetry, Seafloor, Indian Ocean, IOC