Coastal Services

Coastal Services – Introduction

Our coastal services provide essential, spatially explicit environmental information for coastal management such as benthic habitat maps, bathymetry, coastline detection and water column sediment load concentrations.

Coastal zone management and monitoring requires up-to-date spatial information and very often also benefits from having inter-comparable baseline data in order to track changes and impacts of any on-going activities. Our coastal services provide this essential environmental information, which can include mapping the benthos, establishing the shallow water bathymetry, and monitoring the water column sediment loads.


EOMAP 2015, includes copyrighted material of DigitalGlobe 2015


We have a strong technology and service background in coastal applications and we are providing these services to commercial clients – including the Oil & Gas industry- and governmental organisations such as environmental agencies and research facilities. A key advantage of our services for the coastal zone is the unique technology to provide harmonized and standardized mapping workflows and services, applicable to local as well as regional scales.

Product Specification

Our coastal service is a bundle of service components, which provides historic and current environmental information such as water sediment load and chlorophyll concentration, shallow water bathymetry and benthic cover/seafloor habitat maps. This bundled service can be customised to requirements.

Sample Data

Sample data can be provided on request. Please use our order inquiry form to request further information about our coastal services and how to order them.

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