Satellite Image Data

Satellite Imagery – Introduction

Our well-established operational workflows enable a standardized, rapid and robust processing service for very large image data collections and can furthermore provide a range of customized delivery options.

Optical remote sensing satellites provide up-to-date as well as historic image data worldwide, and we can be your single contact point for imagery services since we maintain excellent connections to image providers. In addition, we have robust processing facilities in place for handling large image data volumes. Your benefits are hassle-free, rapid and quality image delivery, suited to your requirements.

EOMAP 2015, ESA/Sentinel 2a image data


With us being part of the DigitalGlobe Information Program Partnership (IPP) and with direct liks to satellite ground control stations in Europe, Australia and Mexico we have very efficient access to image archives and tasking processes. Our operational workflows enable a standardised and rapid processing for massive imagery data and can provide customized image deliveries to suit client specifications.

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Product Specification

Image products range from very high through moderate to coarse resolution imagery. We can apply state-of the art technologies including atmospheric correction, (water-) surface corrections, water column corrections and mosaicing, where needed, as part of an image pre-processing value-add chain.

Sample Data

Sample data can be provided on request. Please use our order inquiry form to request further information about our imagery services and how to order them.