Seafloor Classification (SFC)

Seafloor and Habitat Classification – Introduction

We offer high resolution, satellite-based mapping of the seafloor and benthic habitats of shallow waters, and we are the largest commercial provider of these mapping services worldwide.

Seafloor and benthic habitat information is used in a variety of applications, from coastal engineering to the planning of marine protected areas. Our habitat and seafloor services provide high resolution mapping solutions for shallow waters and have been extensively used by commercial and governmental clients worldwide. Key benefits are:

  • Access remote and/or extensive areas efficiently
  • Provide both historical and up-to-date environmental information
  • Monitoring capability to track seasonal and long term trends
  • Non-intrusive

EOMAP 2015, includes copyrighted material of DigitalGlobe 2015


We are the largest commercial provider of seafloor mapping services. Our solution is leading as it includes various processing steps which get the most out of image data. Those steps include the correction for sunglint, water column and adjacency effects, which are essential for coastal applications. The classifiers distinguish different textural and spectral seafloor classes, which are furthermore linked to habitats. By using a variety of satellite imagery and our operational and harmonized workflows, we can provide customized and cost effective solutions.

Product specification

Our seafloor classification services provide information on seafloor habitats, benthic cover and geomorphology. We can apply official classification schemas (e.g. CMECS) or use-specified classes. The overall accuracy is in the range of 80-90%.

Sample Data

Our seafloor mapping service for the Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi can be accessed through their online portal. Please navigate to /habitat/marine habitat.

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