About UNESCO-IHP IIWQ World Water Quality Portal

Consistent and independent water quality information can be derived extremely cost-efficient and with a minimum of logistical effort for millions of inland and coastal waterbodies, using measurements from satellite-based earth observation (EO) sensors.

UNESCO, through its International Initiative on Water Quality (IIWQ) under IHP, supports Member States in responding to water quality challenges and has launched the first comprehensive worldwide water quality online portal for freshwater systems, lakes and rivers, retrieved from satellite-based earth observation data, to assist with global water quality assessment and capacity building. UNESCO has selected EOMAP (mit hyperlink zur homepage) to build the online portal for global water quality assessment for the International Initiative on Water Quality (IIWQ) of UNESCO-IHP.

The UNESCO-IHP IIWQ World Water Quality Portal provides access to detailed, global water quality information at


where users can find worldwide water quality data products.The web application enables users to interactively browse and access satellite based water quality measurements. Reports including statistical measures over a time span of one year can directly be exported, for any user defined station and parameter within the time series regions.

Environmental managers, politicians and scientists gain a global perspective on water and the environment through the UNESCO-IHP IIWQ World Water Quality Portal produced by EOMAP. They will discover how earth observation can help monitor the effects of pollution on our water cycle and raise awareness of the importance of environmental monitoring to policy and decision makers, diplomats and the general public.

As a web-based service users can quickly obtain measurements at freely selectable virtual stations for any location worldwide.

A comprehensive range ofsatellite-based water quality parameters such as turbidity, chlorophyll and indicators for toxic Cyanobacteria blooms can be mapped globally with weekly or even daily sampling frequencies under cloud-free conditions.

The UNESCO-IHP IIWQ World Water Quality Portal also includes functionalities to select different time periods dating back over the last three decades.

Historic measurements are providedat a 30m resolution for selected regions of each continent throughout 2016, and can be continued with various spatial and temporal resolutions for every country.