Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB)

Satellite Derived Bathymetry – Introduction

Our Satellite-Derived bathymetry (SDB) services have been deployed and validated world-wide over the last 15 years, and provide contiguous, 3-D water depth information for optically shallow areas.

Bathymetric data in shallow waters are critical to marine engineering, environmental management and hydrographic applications, amongst others. Key benefits of our state-of-the-art SDB services include:

  • remote/denied area access
  • rapid delivery, no mobilization or permits required
  • very cost effective
  • non-intrusive
  • no health-and-safety-risks
  • validated world-wide
  • applicable from small scale (25 km²) up to big (>10,000 km²) scale

EOMAP 2015, includes copyrighted material of DigitalGlobe 2015


We are the largest commercial producer of satellite derived shallow water depth data globally. The proprietary processing and production workflows are based on more than 15 years of research and development at EOMAP and the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Product specification

The bathymetry products are available at a range of spatial resolutions (grid spacing) from 0.3 m to 30 m – for all optical shallow waters down to a maximum depth of 35 m. The aggregated results of our worldwide validation exercises, using accoustic and LiDAR comparisons, demonstrate typical accuracies of within 10% of actual depth +/- 0.5 m, for optical clear water conditions. Our SDB products are provided with uncertainty measures.

Documents for further reading

Sample Data

A full sample dataset containing 2m high-resolution, 15m medium resolution and 500m coarse resolution datasets of our bathymetry products can be accessed using the download form below. Please fill in your name and e-mail address and submit your request. A download link will be provided by e-mail.
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