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Be your own data provider

We provide state-of-the art software solutions for customers who wish to perform sophisticated processes in-house. Our solutions help you manage very complex models and workflows – without the need for in-depth scientific understanding.

Furthermore, a new series of web-based software solutions allows rapid and 24/7 processing of satellite data worldwide. This series includes the eoApp Aqua for Water Quality analysis and SDB-Online for shallow water bathymetry. In addition, you can rely on stand-alone software for Satellite-Derived Bathymetry and a set of scientific software processors.

Our software solutions have stood the test of time for many years in EOMAP’s worldwide services, in satellite ground stations, such as those of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), in ESA’s Thematic Exploitation Platform Hydrology TEP and in various cloud-systems. New flagship satellite missions, such as the hyperspectral EnMAP by DLR rely on EOMAP’s processors to provide users worldwide with the most suitable data products on aquatic environments.

Please get in touch to see, how our software solutions can support your work!

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