Shallow Water Surveys

An integrated approach

Information on shallow-water bathymetry and the seabed is typically not easy to access and may not exist at all. In the past, it has required lengthy and expensive surveys using ship-based acoustic or airborne lidar equipment.

With EOMAP’s comprehensive toolset of remote sensing services for optical shallow waters, surveyors have a great solution for reducing the need for risky and time-consuming shallow water activities. You can improve your survey strategy at the very start, improve survey lanes, avoid shallow waters in the 5 m or 10 m contours which are hazardous to vessels and thus make your surveys more effective and less risky. In addition to the bathymetric data, EOMAP’s Benthic Cover and Habitat Mapping Services generate up-to date information on seafloor properties, which will allow you to distinguish hard bottom from sandy bottom substrates or ecologically valuable habitats such as corals, and shoreline stability. The latter provides even more information if compared with classical survey methods and is of particular interest for coastal zone managers, engineers, hydrodynamic modellers and ecologists.

EOMAP’s solution has provided the only bathymetric dataset used in recent British Admiralty charts (BA2066) which are frequently used in shallow-water surveys and operations.

In contrast to taylor-made bathymetric surveys, EOMAP’s new Web App SDB-Online offers Satellite-Derived Bathymetry within mouse clicks.

J. Siermann (Quatar Shell GTL)

“For this location coverage we estimated to have made a cost saving of approximately one million dollar compared to a traditionally executed bathymetry and/or topographic survey.”

Jayaprakash Athmaram & Ashishi Gs Srinivasan (Zakum Development Company (ZADCO)

“Very useful tool that can help us acquire reliable bathymetry information in shallow water bodies that are saturated with submerged dangers and hazards to safe navigation.”

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