Water Quality Monitoring (WQ)

Water Quality Monitoring – Introduction

Our Water Quality Monitoring Services are focused on key parameters of water quality measures such as turbidity, suspended matter, chlorophyll-a or harmful algae blooms. These map-based time series of water quality parameters are available in a wide range of temporal and spatial resolutions and are furthermore highly customizable to clients’ specifications.

Monitoring water quality for inland and coastal waters is a requirement for many government and private sector entities and is essential for the improved understanding of our aquatic ecosystems. This requirement includes identifying long-term trends and understanding emerging problems over large areas that contain numerous water bodies often needing to be done in near real time.

Product Specification

Our satellite based water monitornig services are a stand-alone, harmonized multi-scale and long-term information source which can also be combined with traditional in-situ monitoring data to map aquatic ecosystems. Key parameters for our water quality assessments include, but are not limited to:

  • Turbidity,
  • Total Suspended Matter,
  • Chlorophyll-a,
  • Harmful Algae Bloom indicators,
  • Secchi Depth

More information on our water quality parameters can be obtained in our detailed description.

EOMAP 2015, includes copyrighted material of USGS 2014

Data access

Our water quality data products are also offered on a subscription basis. This enables power users such as environmental managers, engineers and scientists to ingest the data directly through Web Mapping Services into their geospatial information systems for analysis and monitoring. As an alternative, to easy access of spatial information or for time series analyses, we can offer online viewing and delivery via our innovative and unique eoApp® web application or any other geospatial portal like ArcGIS Online by our partner ESRI.

Sample Data

A full 30m resolution Water Quality delivery dataset for demonstration can be accessed using the download form below. Please fill in your name and e-mail address and submit your request. A download link will be provided by e-mail.
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