Water Quality Monitoring (WQ)

EO Mapping Services


EOMAP’s water quality monitoring services provide temporal and spatial information on parameters which provide insight into the ecological status, dynamics and trends of inland and marine waters. Key parameters for our water quality assessments include turbidity, suspended matter, chlorophyll-a, harmful algae bloom and trophic state classification.

Our satellite-based monitoring services are a stand-alone, harmonised multi-scale and long-term information source which can be combined with traditional in-situ monitoring data to map aquatic ecosystems.

The unique selling point of EOMAP’s water quality service is the high operational level, based on cutting-edge algorithms, delivering quantitative, harmonised geospatial information from all parts of the world and using multiple satellite sensors.

We offer data at intervals from monthly to daily and with spatial resolution from kilometer grid spacings down to few meters. We provide reports, easy to use web portals and customised solutions to help you access and manage all the information you need.

With eoLytics Water Quality, we also created a fully operational, extremely user-friendly processing system. It is a browser-based application, where registered users can do their own water quality processing on the EOMAP cloud, using our latest, state-of-the-art algorithms.

Advantages at a glance

  • Support of water management with exact localization of emerging or existent algae blooms.
  • Easy accessible information through online platform and customized reporting tools.
  • Low pricing compared to in-situ measurement campaigns.
  • Minimizing of risks to health, safety and the environment with reduced associated costs.

Request a Demo

A full 10m/30m resolution Water Quality dataset for demonstration can be accessed using the  form below. Please fill in your name and e-mail address and submit your request. A download link will be provided by e-mail.

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    How can I request information for a specific site?
    Simply send your area of interest in digital format to our water quality team or use our contact form. You’ll receive appropriate feedback within 24hours.

    How far back in time are satellite derived water quality measurements available?
    Records from Earth observation satellites go back more than 30 years. Using transferable processing technologies, we can generate water quality information from this historical data.  The quality and resolution of the information might be lower for older satellite sensors compared with current systems.

    How is the accuracy in comparison to in situ data?
    Our extensive validation report showcases world-wide validation exercises for different types of water bodies.