EOMAP to license eoLytics Water Quality to Lactec Brazil

EOMAP Lactec Brazil

EOMAP has licensed the first entity of its latest development on software for web-based processing of satellite-derived water quality parameters to Brazilian company Lactec earlier in February. eoLytics is a cloud-based processing system for quality assessment of inland and coastal waterbodies using satellite data. It is accessible through any internet browser.

EOMAP eoLytics Water Quality

Users with an activated account and a valid licence are able to run water quality analysis on their own using EOMAP’s proven, physics-based Modular Inversion and Processing System (MIP). This sensor-independent approach includes all the relevant processing steps to guarantee a robust, standardised and operational retrieval of water quality parameters from various satellite data sources. The advantage of physics-based methods is that they do not require a priori information about the study area and can therefore be applied independently of satellite type and study area.

A team of EOMAP experts travelled to Brazil for a one week training and capacity building event for the staff involved at Lactec. The employees are now able to calculate the full range of EOMAP’s satellite-derived water quality parameters for the entire country of Brazil using data from Landsat 8, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 satellites. The featured images shows the training participants together with EOMAP’s representatives Dr. Knut Hartmann and Hendrik Bernert.