Seamless Digital Elevation Models

Make use of the 3rd dimension

Hydrodynamic modelling is key to every planning phase of coastal and marine construction and coastal zone management. As with every model the hind- and forecasts are directly related to the quality of the input data. The shape of the coastline and the bathymetry of the seabed are the driving forces controlling the wave interactions, especially in the near-shore environment. Accessing related information is often time-consuming if not impossible, because that information often does not exist at sufficient scale and quality.

EOMAP combines recent satellite recordings with charts and data from survey and satellite topographic missions to analyse shoreline and shallow waters. The result is a gridded, seamless dataset of land and sea elevation information. It can be directly used as an input for modelling and its consistency and quality exceeds by far that of other available global data.

Dr. J. de Lima Rego (Deltares)

“The bathymetric data fulfilled our needs for the storm surge modelling. Data was delivered in about 24 hours after our order, and costs were considerably lower when compared to other survey methods. With this input we were able to improve even more our model predictions.”

Dr. J. de Lima Rego (Deltares)

“EOMAP’s shallow water bathymetry provided up-to date information in a timely manner and in an easy-to-use format for an island on an otherwise insufficient surveyed area.”

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