Multi-Source Bathymetry Grid

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Digital elevation data are mandatory for tendering and planning phases, as well as essential for hydrodynamic models.

With its Multi-Source Bathymetry Grid (MSB), EOMAP has developed datasets that combine bathymetric information from multiple data sources. This product combines recent Satellite-Derived Bathymetry information from high to very-high resolution sensors, nautical charts and on-site survey data into a seamless grid.

We offer MSB data in different spatial resolutions and can adapt them to your requirements or model mesh. Most frequently, data are being provided in grid resolutions from 30 to 200 m. MSB data can also be merged with Digital Elevation and Surface Models.

Advantages at a glance

  • Access seamless spatial data from coastal to deep sea, including most recent information on coastlines and shallow waters.
  • Get higher resolution and more accurate information on the coastal bathymetry than from any other global bathymetric dataset.

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    What are the vertical and horizontal uncertainties of the Seamless Bathymetry Grid?
    The vertical and horizontal uncertainties depend on the quality of the underlying information sources. This will vary from region to region. You will receive a source diagram and relevant metadata information.

    I’ve on site survey data, can you insert this information in the model?
    Yes. Please include metadata, such as coordinate system and vertical datum, and we can include your data and rerun the model.

    I’m modeler and running a model in different mesh grids, can the output be adapted to my mesh grid?
    Yes. Simply provide us with your required grid spacing.