Satellite Derived Bathymetry

Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB)

EOMAP’s Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB) services have been deployed and validated world-wide over the last 15 years, and provide contiguous, 3-D water depth information for optically shallow areas.


Water Quality Monitoring Services (WQ)

EOMAP’s Water Quality Monitoring Services are focused on key water quality measures such as turbidity, suspended matter, chlorophyll-a or harmful algae blooms. These map-based time series of water quality parameters are available in a wide range of temporal and spatial resolutions, and are furthermore highly customizable to clients’ specifications.


Seafloor Classification (SFC)

EOMAP offers high resolution, satellite-based mapping of the seafloor and benthic habitats of shallow waters, and is the largest provider of these mapping services worldwide.


Satellite Image Data

EOMAP’s well-established operational workflows enable a standardised, rapid and robust processing service for very large image data collections and can furthermore provide a range of customized delivery options.


Coastal Monitoring

EOMAP’s coastal services provide essential, spatially explicit environmental information for coastal management such as benthic habitat maps, bathymetry, coastline detection and water column sediment load concentrations.


Terrestrial Monitoring

EOMAP’s terrestrial mapping services can assist spatial planning and monitoring projects through a range of spatial and temporal scales.