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High Resolution Satellite-Derived Bathymetry

As the industry leader with over ten years of experience in this field, EOMAP is now a framework provider for the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) and the first and sole company whose Satellite-Derived Bathymetry was used for official British Admiralty charts.

Benthic Cover and Habitat Mapping

EOMAP’s benthic habitat maps now serve as a baseline e.g. for all the shallow waters of Abu Dhabi, and are in daily use by the Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD).

Water Quality Monitoring

EOMAP’s processors provide daily data with global coverage for several key parameters like turbidity, total suspended matter, chlorophyll-a or harmful algae blooms. They can be used for establishing historical baselines, monitoring of dredging plumes, environmental impact assessments and environmental management applications.

Multi-Source Bathymetry Grid

By combining various data sources, including up-to-date information from satellite imagery, we offer the most recent and highest resolution bathymetric grid available worldwide, providing a seamless elevation model from coast to deep sea.

Digital Elevation and Surface Models

Up-to date information as well as historical data on surface and terrain height is derived from optical and synthetic aperture radar sensors, with grid resolution (pixel size) as fine as 0.5 m.

Shoreline Mapping

The shoreline is a dynamic feature. Analysis of these dynamic trends over time using a set of satellite sources can reveal patterns of erosion and deposition.

Seafloor and Subsurface Reflectance

EOMAP’s reflectance products are intended to help local experts map changes in benthic communities. They have been used by the Mexican government for the Mayan Peninsula and by the University of Queensland for the Great Barrier Reef.

Satellite Lidar Bathymetry

Satellite-Lidar Bathymetry (SLB) describes our service for shallow water bathymetric data points derived from an active green laser. SLB can be used in combination with our dense Satellite-Derived Bathymetry grids or as stand-alone datasets.

Land Use, Terrestrial Habitats, and Infrastructure Mapping

Land use maps are a frequently required data layer. As an EOMAP service, these maps benefit from our selection of the most appropriate sensors and can be combined with our other services such as elevation and bathymetry mapping, as well as change detection.

Shoals Database

The shoals database represents geo-located, vectorized shallow water zones. In contrast to nautical charts, it is based on the analysis of a multi-year time series of satellite data records. These data are especially valuable within areas which are not sufficiently charted

EO Consultancy
We help you to keep track
EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) Reporting

EOMAP’s satellite-based services can help water authorities meet their WFD obligations to monitor inland, transitional and coastal waters.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We can advise on the best strategies for using satellite imaging in this process, to help you to get the ‘full picture’ not only of the past and the present but continuing throughout the life of the project.

Capacity Building

We help organisations, agencies and industry to build and improve the knowledge and tools needed to support and grow their surveying, mapping and monitoring work.

Enjoy simple access to satellite-based information by eoapp - our series of web apps.

Discover the eoapp® SDB-Online to generate Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB) data with only a few mouse clicks. Based on cloud processing and latest technological breakthroughs SDB-Online allows in-house SDB measurements hands-on, rapid and 24/7. Register for a free trial!

eoapp AQUA

Keep an eye on the water quality of lakes, river catchments or coastal zones! Easy to use, the web app is designed to visualise and analyse spatial and multi-temporal information . It helps monitor key water quality parameters, identify recent developments, and avoid critical situations. Let’s ease the work of coastal and river managers, health and environmental authorities. – Try eoapp® AQUA now!

eoapp HYPOS

This eoapp provides data-based decision support for the hydropower industry. A toolbox allows simple and rapid access to key water quality parameters. eoapp® HYPOS has been designed for hydropower planners and operators who wish to keep an eye on large catchment areas, for example to avoid heavy sedimentation of reservoirs.

Eyes on Plastic

This award winning eoapp supports public activities against plastic litter. On a worldwide map, the new online solution will allow to spot large plastic accumulations, offer a crowdsourced collection of publications on plastic waste action and visualize activities against plastic litter in waters. Eyes on Plastic’s motto is: Monitor – upload – share!

eoapp COASTS

COASTS is an online solution for managing coastal change. It leverages the use of satellite imagery, drones, modelling, artificial intelligence-based analytics and cloud-based portal technology to provide information about coastal dynamics, hazards, and beach safety.

eoapp series

eoapp® by EOMAP is a series of web applications for aquatic stakeholders. Each eoapp® is dedicated to specific measurements or user groups and allows to generate detailed information on coastal and/or inland waters – globally. You can rely on a fully automatic workflow based on EOMAP’s established Modular Inversion and Processing System (MIP). Each eoapp® offers rapid and easy access to satellite-based information.

EO Software
Be a remote sensing specialist yourself

The world’s first and only state-of-the-art Satellite-Derived Bathymetry 8desktop  software which makes use of up-to-date SDB modules for the remote surveying of shallow waters. Designed for strategic and defence clients.


LiteCOR-X combines both survey and satellite data in an easy way and generates full-coverage bathymetry maps for shallow water zones within unprecedented, minimum time scales.

Satellite Processors

Data enhancement for a large variety of professional applications: The atmospheric correction over land and water, delivering globally normalized surface albedo and underwater surface reflectances. Based on our data pre-processing products, your own application will harvest to the maximum extent from various satellite- and airborne, multi- and hyperspectral sensors.

EO Research & Development
At the forefront of research and innovation
MarSat - Satellite Services for the Maritime Industry

The technical goals of MarSat aim to create and integrate operational services and to allow the maritime industry to take advantage of the most up-to-date satellite information in their day-to-day work. This requires setting up an efficient IT infrastructure to share, integrate and implement satellite-derived data quickly and efficiently from various satellite sources.


SDB2030 is a national R&D project to take Satellite-Derived Bathymetry to the next level and upscale the technology to a global scale. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


HazRunoff aims to fill the knowledge and technology gaps around early warning and detection, follow-up, and early response to different or combined types of flooding and hazmat pollution in inland and transitional waters by providing a comprehensive framework combining in-situ sensing technologies, airborne and satellite remote sensing, high-resolution modelling, operational tools for situational awareness and crisis management and improved contingency planning.


Within the ECOMAP project, a consortium of companies as well as research and university partners from Baltic Sea neighbouring countries Germany, Denmark and Poland is investigating and developing concepts for very-high resolution mapping of seafloor habitats and shallow water bathymetry of the entire Baltic Sea.


HYPOS will support hydropower industries with an easy and cost-efficient access to data and assessment tools, which are required to improve their planning and monitoring tasks, but are not available otherwise.