Seafloor and Subsurface Reflectance

EO Mapping Services


Do you wish to apply your own algorithms and analysis and benefit from state-of the art procedures on atmospheric correction over water, sunglint removal and adjacency correction? Our subsurface and seafloor reflectance data are exactly what you’re looking for. We have a specialised physics-based solution to generate harmonised and validated outcomes. Our solution has been proved in various validation exercises with on-site spectral measurements and is currently embedded in a number of operational processing workflows.

We can offer the subsurface reflectance data for all standard satellite sensors, either on case by case basis  or as continuous data stream.

Advantages at a glance

  • Make use of a physics-based, validated and stable solution rather than unwieldy alternatives.
  • Base your research on state-of the art image correction procedures.
  • With no need for satellite data access and pre-processing you have more time for your analytics and research.


Can I access remote sensing reflectance?
Yes, we can create remote sensing reflectance data above and below water surface .

What makes EOMAP’s service unique? Why does EOMAP’s data service stand out?
To date, EOMAP offers the only robust solution which is independent of the sensors used and includes correction modules for atmosphere, sun glint and adjacency correction. The latter is of particular importance for all quantitative studies of coastal and inland water environments.

Can I access metadata and get background on the science behind?
Metadata about the satellite data used is part of all EOMAP deliveries by default. The atmospheric correction algorithms are part of EOMAP’s MIP System and briefly described e.g.  here.