CASSINI Maritime Prize awarded to EOMAP

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EOMAP has been awarded the CASSINI Prize for Digital Space Applications
‘Eyes on Plastic’ helps fight plastic pollution

Seefeld/Sevilla, 9th November 2023 – At the EU Space Week 2023 in Sevilla, the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) has announced the winners of the CASSINI Prize for Digital Space Applications: With the new web app ‘Eyes on Plastic’, EOMAP is one of the three awardees.

The CASSINI prize, endowed with almost one million Euros each, awards innovative commercial solutions that leverage the EU Space Programme to detect, monitor and remove plastics, microplastics and other litter from our oceans and waterways. ‘Addressing plastic in the ocean starts with identifying and tracking it, which is exactly what each of our winning application is doing, providing essential information for authorities or NGOs’, says Rodrigo da Costa, Executive Director of the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA).

EOMAP has been awarded for its innovative multi-sensor solution ‘Eyes on Plastic’, which can map and monitor floating plastic in rivers and coastal areas.

portrait Knut Hartmann relaxed and smiling - EOMAP

Dr. Knut Hartmann, COO of EOMAP

We combine data from Copernicus satellites, on-site live cameras and crowdsourcing to track plastic pollution in near-real time. Building on Earth Observation analytics, AI and cloud-based processing the app can identify floating debris and plastic, explains Knut Hartmann, Chief Operations Officer at EOMAP.

The solution supports industry, NGOs and governmental stakeholders to monitor, manage and report on plastic pollution in rivers and coastal regions, where most aquatic plastic litter enters the marine environment.

Dr. Eva Haas, Chief Strategic Officer at EOMAP

Together with the European Space Agency (ESA), EOMAP continues investing into the solution as part of the Eyes on Plastic project.
In times of significant market growth, the award of the CASSINI Prize is a true accelerator for us: Appreciating the confidence of the award committee, we will continue our work in integrated monitoring of aquatic environments at an even higher pace’, states Eva Haas, Chief Strategic Officer of EOMAP.

According to WWF, up to 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, making up around 80% of all marine debris. Marine animals ingest or are entangled by plastic particles, suffering from injuries and death. On top, plastic waste endangers food safety and coastal and aquatic stakeholders.

’Health and sustainability of our oceans are of highest importance for marine life, but also for our well-being. Yet, our oceans have never been under such pressure, with marine plastic pollution standing alongside global challenges, such as climate change. Earth Observation technologies provide critical insights into rivers and coastal regions. Our vision is to use all our expertise in this field to increase knowledge, raise awareness and thus support a more sustainable management of the aquatic environment’, concludes Knut Hartmann.


Established in 2006, EOMAP is an Earth Observation and software solution company. With its headquarters in Munich and global affiliations, the German SME provides data, software, and intelligence ‘powered by space’ to industry, governments, and academia. EOMAP has received various awards for technological excellence and keeps partnering in European innovation projects. The team’s overarching goal remains to support the sustainable management of the world’s key resource: water.

‘Eyes on Plastic’ is an ESA project, involving the development of an online solution to identify plastic waste in rivers and oceans. More information at:

About Cassini

CASSINI is the European Commission’s initiative to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs developing innovative applications and services that leverage the EU Space Programme.


The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) provides safe and secure European satellite navigation services, advances the commercialization of Galileo, EGNOS, and Copernicus data and services, engages in secure satellite communications (GOVSATCOM & IRIS2), and operates the EUSST Front Desk. EUSPA is also responsible for accrediting the security of all EU Space Programme components. By fostering innovation in the space sector and above and collaborating with the EU Space community, EUSPA contributes to the European Green Deal and digital transition, enhances Union safety and security, and strengthens autonomy and resilience.

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