EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) Reporting

EO Consultancy


Government agencies responsible for water management all over the world need access to local, national or global information and trends about the quality of inland waters. Industry, too, needs data for the management of water-related issues.

In Europe, several directives relate to water monitoring. One of the most important is the Water Framework Directive (WFD) which requires EU member states to assess the status of bodies of water (such as lakes larger than 0.5 km²) based on a number of biological, chemical and hydro-morphological quality elements and to report the status of each water body to the European Commission.

EOMAP’s satellite-based services can help water authorities meet their WFD obligations to monitor inland, transitional and coastal waters. They provide comparable  assessments with service components including:

  • suitable spatial-temporal sampling resolution due to multi-sensor processing capabilities,
  • validated products for a set of important parameters including chlorophyll-a, transparency or surface temperature,
  • fully automated cost-effective production lines and dissemination through globally scalable distributed cloud infrastructures,
  • easy and user-oriented access.

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