EOMAP announces Edward Albada as representative for North Americas and Caribbean

EOMAP is proud to announce Edward Albada as the newest member of the team, representing EOMAP throughout the North Americas and Caribbean region.

Edward is from Trinidad & Tobago and was introduced to the tropical clear waters of the Caribbean from birth. His love of the sea led him to pursue an education in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering at the University of Florida. He has amassed 25 years of experience working on coastal development from inception, modelling, design and construction throughout the globe, with particular experience in projects within the Caribbean. Edward was first introduced to EOMAP in 2015, and has applied EOMAP’s services to almost every applicable project since. It transformed his approach to data and information gathering for his projects, in particular in uncharted, remote or inaccessible locations. In addition, the ability to generate time series and replicate data associated with historical satellite imagery has opened new capabilities in coastal assessments, planning and engineering that provides increased confidence and reassurance for project development decisions.

“My appreciation of the value of EOMAP’s technology to my field of expertise is based on hands-on experience. I believe that satellite-derived mapping and monitoring services can serve a much wider community. My knowledge and confidence in the EOMAP activities and their strong research and development commitment were key considerations in my decision to join the EOMAP team. I am excited at the opportunities and look forward to developing the market in the North Americas and Caribbean.”

Edward is based in Santa Barbara, California and represents EOMAP throughout the North Americas and Caribbean region.

Contact Edward at
Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.


Edward Albada EOMAP