Announcement of EOMAP Asia Pacific

EOMAP launches its regional headquarters for EOMAP Asia Pacific in Singapore

On June 27, 2013, EOMAP achieved a new milestone by launching its regional headquarters for Asia-Pacific in Singapore.

The office, located at 16, Collyer Quay will increase its marketing and support activities in the region, and underlies its commitment to this diverse and important region. Asia Pacific economies continue to exhibit strong growth, intrinsic strength and progressive trade agreements among the region’s countries. Most economies in the region maintain healthy growth. Led by China and India, the region’s economies will grow over the next 20 years, outpacing the world’s average growth rate.

CEO, EOMAP GmbH & Co.KG , Thomas Heege explained the significance of the opening of the regional office in Singapore as an important step in providing support and visibility to new users and current projects that EOMAP has been doing with vietnamese water authorities. EOMAP is committed to the Asia-Pacific and has chosen Singapore as the new home of the regional office, due to its strategic location and its role as a hub for regional and international organisations.

CEO, EOMAP Asia Pacific, Abhay Mittal explained the need for increasing research activities in the region for Water Quality, Bathymetry, Natural Resources Mapping and Oil Spill Monitoring & Detection. EOMAP Asia Pacific will also be the hub of research activity with several key universities to increase the usage of remotely sensed data in the aquatic environment. We are also working with several partners towards setting up the infrastructure and platform for delivering the analytics related to Water Quality on earth observation data globally. In the coming months, we will be establishing our network of partners to establish a strong presence in the market.