FRESHMON Review Summary

FRESHMON Review Summary

This week, the overall assessment of the FRESHMON project from the external reviewer and from the European Commission has been received:

Next to the fact that FRESHMON project has been finished its activities successfully and full achieved its objectives and technical goals, many results of the project “…even has exceeded expectations.”

The technologies and monitoring capabilities developed in FRESHMON significantly contribute with monitoring in the present and impact evaluation through comparisons with the status up to decades ago. Recent projects and inquiries from water suppliers, dam operators, water agencies and intergovernmental bodies as well as the demand of individuals for water quality in various areas of life proof the expected impact of the achieved developments.

Further, the assessment states:

“Links and intensive dialog with the end-user established from the very outset of the project have resulted in high quality standards and effectiveness in providing FRESHMON products and services, creating confidence and acceptance of FRESHMON EO products.”

“FRESHMON consortium partners have established a network of EO-product providers in their respective countries and introduced the FRESHMON products to wider European community through easy to navigate FRESHMON portal, participating in the FP7 space Inland water workshop organized by REA/DG ENTR/DG Environment and the white paper drafting, by producing self-explaining easy to understand products and through personal training of the end-users.”