Hydro Journal Article published

Article about “Space-borne Technologies for the O&G Sector” was published in Hydro Journal

An EOMAP article about “Space-borne Technologies for the O&G Sector” was published in the current August/September issue of the Hydro Journal. Satellite-derived mapping and monitoring technologies can provide important support for a range of applications in the oil and gas industry. Prior to tasks such as pipeline routing and other infrastructure engineering activities, these technologies can be efficiently deployed over large, remote and/or in-accessible areas for bathymetry charting, mapping seafloor habitats and monitoring the health of near coastal ecosystems. During dredging activities, satellite-derived products can deliver near real-time, synoptic information on the extent of dredging plumes and the associated sediment loads in the water column. These satellite-based methods can be more rapid and cost-effective than traditional in-situ and airborne measurements and observations and are furthermore entirely non-intrusive. This article describes the methods, applications, services and validation of such projects, showcasing the possibilities of these technologies. Click here to access the full article.