EOMAP is new partner to the Seabed 2030 project – press release

Seabed 2030 Project announces new partnership with EOMAP

Shallow waters represent the most crucial aquatic zones on Earth. They are particularly difficult to survey. Therefore, The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project has reached a cooperation agreement with EOMAP. The German company is a global expert on shallow water bathymetry from satellite data. It will contribute to the common target: a freely available Ocean Map.

Seabed2030 - Satellite-derived bathymetry by EOMAP - Great Barrier Reef

The image shows Satellite-derived Bathymetry data of the Great Barrier Reef (AUS). They can provide a better understanding of aquatic zones and thus help protecting our oceans.

Mapping the coastal zones of our oceans can be very complex. So we’re delighted to welcome the expertise and support of EOMAP,” commented Jamie McMichael-Phillips, Project Director of Seabed 2030.

Despite the ocean covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface, around 20% of it has been mapped to date. We have joined the ambitious Seabed 2030 project to contribute with bathymetric data. These are hard or impossible to access otherwise. Our contribution will be – in cooperation with our clients and stakeholders – to fill data gaps in coastal shallow waters and to encourage others to join in”, said Dr. Knut Hartmann, COO of EOMAP.

Coastal zones are not only critical for biodiversity, coastal protection, navigation and other aspects, they are also subject to constant change. Nevertheless, many are not sufficiently understood. By satellite data and smart analytics, we can map and monitor these shallow waters in space, in time and on various scales. EOMAP’s mission is to apply and refine these methods and thus support sustainable management practices.


For more detailed information on cooperation project, please visit seabed2030.org

Find the detailed press release on the new cooperation here.

For further details, images or interview partners, please contact Andrea Schmölzer: schmoelzer@eomap.com

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