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EOApp Australia - Turbidity, Visibility & Chlorophyll Monitoring

EOApp Australia - Water Quality Monitoring

Daily and monthly monitoring

Off The Shelf - Satellite Derived Bathymetry

Worldwide coverage - different resolutions

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Satellite Derived Bathymetry

The world's biggest high resolution satellite bathymetry survey

Great Barrier Reef entirely mapped with 30m resolution


Water quality monitoring: Ocean and coastal regions

Chlorophyll monitoring, Mekong rivermouth, THEOS, 15m resolution

Satellite Derived Bathymetry

2m high resolution bathymetry mapping

Al Quaffay Island, United Arab Emirates, WorldView-2, 2m resolution

Total Suspended Matter

Water quality monitoring: Inland waters

Lake Constance, Germany, RapidEye, 5m resolution

Algae Bloom

Algae Bloom - Yellow Substances & Total Suspended Matter

Gotland, Sweden, Landsat, 30m resolution



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