EOMAP GmbH & Co. KG is an independent company and global service provider for state-of-the-art aquatic earth observation solutions. Our key competences are water environments, infrastructure, environmental mapping and process operationalization.


EOMAP provides bathymetry for South China Sea

EOMAP provides shallow water bathymetry for the South China Sea Singapore/Seefeld, Germany EOMAP Asia Pacific today launches the most up-to-date and detailed data set for the islands in South China Sea, generated by groundbreaking Satellite Derived Bathymetry techniques. The islands of the South China Sea are several hundred km away from the nearest coast...

EOMAP launches new worldwide eoApp® Service

Satellite based water quality monitoring for inland and coastal waters: EOMAP launches its new worldwide eoApp® service Seefeld/Germany Monitoring water quality for inland and coastal waters is a requirement for many government and private sector entities. This requirement includes identifying long-term trends and understanding emerging problems over large areas that contain numerous water bodies...

EOMAP at Ocean Business 2015

EOMAP at Ocean Business 2015 Southampton, Seefeld/Germany EOMAP participates in the Ocean Business 2015 conference taking place in Southampton, UK, from April 14th-16th. We invite you to visit our workshop on EOMAP’s satellite derived services on Thursday 16th at 1:30 p.m.!