Top 100 Geospatial Companies 2023 – EOMAP is new on the list

Algal bloom and turbidity plume around the Kagera River delta, Lake Victoria, Tanzania (Copernicus/Sentinel data – c/ EOMAP)


Press Release

Seefeld, 31st January 2023 – Geoawesomeness has announced the 5th “Global Top 100 Geo”. For the first time, EOMAP has entered this list of the best geospatial companies in the world. For the 2023 edition, over 800 companies had been reviewed. From the shortlisted 262 companies, the expert committee of Geoawesomeness finally picked this year’s “Global Top 100 Geo”. The list features companies that utilize geospatial data and tools to solve problems.

Geoawesomeness – the world’s largest geospatial community – “has been at the forefront of identifying industry trends for over a decade, and we are delighted to see 45 new entrants to our annual list,” said Aleksander Buczkowski, Founder and Editor-in-Chief. EOMAP is one of them.

After four awards in 2022, this new honour spurs EOMAP’s team further on: “For sustainably managing coastal and inland waters, Earth observation and data science are key. They allow us to create “digital twins”, by which we can identify erosion and sediment transport, bathymetry or seagrass habitats”, said Knut Hartmann, COO of EOMAP.

These digital twins help authorities, coastal engineers or scientists to deeply understand water-related dynamics. This again, allows them to better cope with impacts of climate change or natural hazards and to make coastlines more resilient.

Via the eoApp or APIs, clients have a toolbox at hand to deeply analyse and visualize what is going on in their aquatic environments. They can not only monitor coastal or inland waters continuously, but also look into the past”, explained Karin Schenk, Head of EOMAP’s Water Quality team.


Aleks Buczkowsk, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Geoawesomeness,  Email:

Andrea Schmölzer, Media Relations, EOMAP, phone: +49 176 11 773 773, Email:


About Geoawesomeness

Geoawesomeness is the world’s largest geospatial community united by its belief in the power of location technology to transform the world for the better. Since its humble beginnings on April 20th 2011, Geoawesomeness has striven to be an open and inclusive platform for geospatial experts and enthusiasts to share their passion, knowledge and expertise. The team of people from all around the world, with different backgrounds, cultures and interests aims to be not only the best geo-news platform but also to provide constructive commentary about all the awesome stuff that is happening in the geo-industry.  In 2023, their global list of Top 100 Geospatial Companies has been published for the fifth time.



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