EOMAP at the Space Awards 2022 – breakthrough with RastLess

Marcel Siegmann – together with Eva Haas and Christoph Kleih – is getting ready for the Space Awards 2022.

For the growing Earth observation market, efficient processing of large raster data volumes in various resolutions is key. Therefore, Marcel Siegmann (31), software engineer at EOMAP, has been a double winner at the Space Awards 2022 in Rome, where the Copernicus Masters were celebrated. On December 1st, his cloud computing innovation “RastLess” won the “Regional Prize Bavaria” by AZO and the “Frontier Tech Challenge” by the European Space Agency ESA. Supported by Professor Adam Roe of CODE University Berlin and EOMAP’s software team, Siegmann solved the pain point of analysing raster geo-data: “Continuously running servers are one of the most expensive cloud workloads, and low performance in accessing multiple data sources a real pain for users.”

In contrast to existing Data Cube applications, RastLess is a serverless solution for visualising and analysing distributed raster data. It allows to process hundreds or thousands of images simultaneously within seconds and to handle all sorts of projections and resolutions. „EOMAP demonstrated a unique proposition to introduce new ways of EO data processing using serverless architectures. This can result in cutting infrastructure costs and improving Copernicus cloud productivity“, says Anna Burzykowska, Copernicus Innovation Officer of ESA.

Anna Burzykowska (ESA) and Thorsten Rudolph (AZO) congratulate Marcel Siegmann (EOMAP)

In this year’s Copernicus Masters competition, EOMAP competed against more than 620 participants from 47 countries. Read more in the press release here.

Two weeks earlier, the Bavarian State Ministry of Economics has awarded EOMAP with the “Innovation Prize Bavaria 2022” for SDB-Online. “Supporting coastal stakeholders with easy and rapid access to bathymetry data was our motivation for this new WebApp. We feel deeply honoured by these awards. Our breakthroughs root in the innovative spirit of the entire team”, says CEO Thomas Heege.

Download the full press release here.

Another two months earlier, EOMAP – together with the project partners of HYPOS – was awarded the EARSC Partnership Award. Congrats to Marcel and the entire EOMAP team! – 2022 seems to be our award winning year.

Kudos to all co-winners!

Winners of the Copernicus Masters 2022 at the Space Awards in Rome