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EO Mapping Services

We create digital geospatial information to address the global, regional and local challenges of governments, engineers and policy makers. Our core mapping competence comes from mapping and monitoring aquatic environments worldwide, where we are established as a leading data provider

EO Consultancy

Large volumes of unstructured satellite and environmental data, limited budgets and tight deadlines do not always make for wise decisions. We can provide you with appropriate information and reports for your project. Our team of senior experts has provided consultancy services to clients ranging from industry and governmental agencies to international court tribunals.

We provide secure, web-based portals to explore, query, request, visualise and analyse geospatial data. Our online data processing suite eoLytics offers customized in-house solutions for our clients. And EO Store provides clients with rapid access to our extensive archive of satellite derived data products worldwide.

EO Software

We can supply easy-to-use web-based software services to harness the terabytes of satellite-derived data recorded every single day. Our solutions are easy to use, highly operational, based on state-of-the-art methods and provide validated and proven data.

EO Research & Development

Research, innovation and an eagerness to expand the limits of modern Earth observation and geospatial analysis are in our blood. They are how our company started and to this day we are still investing in research and innovation. Not only does this allow us to improve our services and the quality of our data, but we are actively contributing to the understanding of our world’s environments. We are working with national and international organisations to develop new and interdisciplinary solutions.


An integrated solution: Our Shallow Water Services provide valuable information for coastal engineers and modelers, they ensure profound knowledge for uncharted or outdated areas in hydrographic maps or help to conceive some of the most precious ecosystems of our planet.


Don’t get your feet wet: Access to unpolluted drinking water is a future key challenge, rivers are under increasing pressure caused by sewage discharge and inland navigation and governmental agencies are obliged to assess and report the state of countless lakes. Our harmonized, high-resolution Inland Water Quality Monitoring Services are the key to a better understanding of cause and effect relationships.

EOMAP Benthic Mapping

Hot-spots of biodiversity: Gathering data on coastal habitats and benthic cover, water pollution or algae blooms is vital for the protection of valuable ecosystems and biocenoses, within the context of coastal infrastructure projects or impacts of climate change. Our habitat mapping services provide detailed insights even into the most remote habitats.


Make use of the third dimension: Hydrodynamic modelling is key to every planning phase of coastal and marine construction and coastal zone management and EOMAP’s solution offers you a gridded, seamless dataset of land and sea elevation information.

EOMAP Geospatial Information Portals

An entire atlas in one URL: EOMAP’s portals are your gateway to benefit from the recent advances in geospatial information, anytime, anywhere using easy to use web apps.

EOMAP Software

Be your own data provider: We deliver state-of-the art software solutions to customers who wish to perform sophisticated processes in-house. Our solutions help you manage often very complex models and workflows – without having in-depth scientific understanding.

Dr. J. de Lima Rego (ICT and Decision Support Systems Expert, Deltares)

“The bathymetric data fulfilled our needs for the storm surge modelling. Data was delivered in about 24 hours after our order and costs were considerably lower when compared to other survey methods. With this input we were able to improve even more our model predictions.”

J. Siermann (Quatar Shell GTL)

“For this location coverage we estimated to have made a cost saving of approximately one million dollar compared to a traditionally executed bathymetry and/or topographic survey.”

Dr. R. Ressel (Director Geomatics Department of CONABIO/Mexico)

“The services and products delivered for the Mexican Maya coast are exceptional and fundamental in developing our seafloor habitat baseline.”

Daniel Limpitlaw (Kore Potash)

“The EOMAP solution provided us with an inexpensive and fast way of building a baseline to inform the design of the marine components of our project.”

Jayaprakash Athmaram & Ashish GS Srinivasan (Zakum Development Company (ZADCO)

“Very useful tool that can help us acquire reliable bathymetry information in shallow water bodies that are saturated with submerged dangers and hazards to safe navigation.”

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    SDB Day 2024 – Workshop at CHC, Canada
    Join SDB Day on 27 May 2024 at CHC in Canada! The Canadian Hydrographic Conference...
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    Meet us at upcoming events.

    27 May 2024

    SDB Day at the Canadian Hydrographic Conference (CHC) – St. John’s

    May 27 - May 30

    Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB) of a coastal water in North Canada SDB Day at the Canadian Hydrographic Conference Meet EOMAP at the CHC from 27 - 30 May 2024 in St. John's, Newfoundland. EOMAP will host a workshop at the Canadian Hydrographic Conference (CHC) on the afternoon of 27 May 2024. Here is more information on the workshop agenda, which will focus on Satellite-Derived Bathymetry. It will include applications, such as shallow water surveying, coastal monitoring, and use cases in the Arctic region. Join Edward Albada and Kim Knauer at the workshop on 27 May or visit our booth from 28 - 30 May. It will be a pleasure to show you how satellite-based information on water depth, coastal changes and water quality can enhance your project work.   For further questions, please get in touch with: Edward Albada - Principal EOMAP USA - North America and Caribbean, or with Dr. Kim Knauer - Project & Innovation Manager at EOMAP. We look forward to meeting you and the hydrographic community in Canada!

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