eoLytics: Water Quality Processor Licensing for Lactec Brazil


EOMAP has licensed the first entity of its latest, cloud-based processing system for quality assessment of inland and coastal water bodies using satellite data to Brazilian company Lactec.

eoLytics Water Quality is a web application which allows users to control state-of-the-art satellite data processing within the EOMAP cloud. Users with an activated account are able to run water quality analyses on their own using EOMAP’s proven and established Modular Inversion and Processing System (MIP). There’s no need for installing software, download huge amounts of rawdata or provide powerful hardware on local desktop computers. The results are being pushed to predefined locations such as FTP servers or geo-databases which can automatically be harvested by EOMAP’s eoApp® or eoAPI.

A team of EOMAP experts travelled to Brazil for a one week training and capacity building event for the staff involved at Lactec. The employees are now able to calculate the full range of EOMAP’s satellite-derived water quality parameters for the entire country of Brazil using data from Landsat 8, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 satellites.


EOMAP eoLytics Water Quality




Project Type

Web-based Water Quality Monitoring, Capacity Building


eoLytics Water Quality, Capacity Building, Training