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Satellite-Derived Bathymetry (SDB) has experienced accelerating uptake in recent years, with users from industry, government and academia using this cost-effective and reliable method for multi-disciplinary hydrographic seabed mapping projects, hydrodynamic modelling, reconnaissance surveys and environmental campaigns across the globe.

As SDB is now considered to be an established survey technology, it is increasingly important that both users and providers worldwide have a venue for meeting as well as exchanging information on current and future capabilities or requirements.

SDB Day, the international Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Technology and User Forum, is organised and co-sponsored by EOMAP as the leading provider of SDB and coastal mapping services. The inaugural SDB Day 2018 took place in the Lake District of Bavaria, Germany, and offered a unique opportunity for users and providers to discuss requirements, capabilities, data integration and quality standards. SDB Day 2019 was hosted by EOMAP Australia at the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia. Due to the COVID pandemic, SDB Day 2021 were held twice in a virtual format – one for Americas, Caribbean and Europe, another one for Asia and Oceania. Keynote speakers included Commander Chris Waterson of the Royal Australian Navy and Captain Yanuar of Pushidrosal, Indonesia.

In 2022, the SDB Day was embedded in the first Water Days Conference. This format built a bridge from coastal to inland water applications. Just like the first SDB Day, experts on Satellite-Derived Bathymetry gathered in the Lake District near Munich as well as on screens across the world. Insightful talks were given by representatives of research, industry and authorities, such as Seabed2030, fugro, Chartworld SevenCs or NIWA New Zealand.


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