SDB-Online Revamp

The new interface of SDB-Online

… will be live as of 21st June, the World Hydrography Day 2023.
The revamped Web App allows for mapping shallow waters even more quickly and easily. – Below the image, you will find more details on the new features, improved workflows and on how these will benefit you and other users.

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Access the new SDB-Online here.

Free Webinar

On the 6th of July 2023, we will walk you through the key improvements in a short webinar at 10 am CEST.
Please take the opportunity of joining us and getting all of your questions answered.

SDB-Online - App by EOMAP - woman processing satellite-derived bathymetry on the sofa
The new user interface of SDB-Online comes with many new features and workflow improvements. Our central purpose is: To simplify access to high-quality Satellite-Derived Bathymetry data.

SDB-Online - an App by EOMAP - screenshot of the new startpage

12 months access to unlimited processing

Once you have selected and purchased a region, the new interface offers you 12 months access to unlimited SDB processing of this region.

According to clients’ feedback and our own user experience, this is ideal for robust results and monitoring purposes.


SDB-Online - an App by EOMAP - validation of in situ data against SDB dataCalibration – Validation Feature

Refine your SDB processing by uploading own survey data. Quantify the accuracies and evaluate the results by validating the SDB result with your own survey data.

This is helpful to refine SDB results. Like many users, you might be impressed by the simplicity of this process and the robustness of the final data.

Read more on validation of SDB-Online data of shallow waters around the world.

SDB-Online - an App by EOMAP - a satellite scene showing the cut-off tool reducing depth noise

Cut-off depth

Define and apply a cut-off depth tool to clean depth noise, when post-processing your data.

This again, will entail time savings and more robust results.

SDB-Online - the App by EOMAP - screenshot of Nautical Chart Baselayer 

Nautical Chart Baselayer

Nautical charts are key to maritime safety, particularly in shallow waters. However, there are still uncharted areas in the oceans.

By switching between both views, this new feature offers you to compare SDB results with existing nautical charts.


SDB-Online - screenshot of simple selection of the most suitable satellite scenesReprocess multi-scene results and optimize ranking

Reprocess your multi-scene SDB result by selecting the best single satellite scene results or choose new imagery within few mouse clicks. 

Eolytics SWIFT AOI: In addition, this tool allows optimized ranking of satellite-scenes based on individual areas of interest (AOIs). Use the integration of this full resolution Sentinel-2 image viewer within SDB-Online. 

Both will offer significant time savings.

SDB-Online - the App by EOMAP - bathymetry grids within mouse clicks

Credit system

Enjoy full cost control by uploading credits prior to your purchase. You are free to use them flexibly for your individual projects.

Contact us, if you wish to generate Satellite-Derived Bathymetry grids for your projects!
sdb-online[at] .